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Fresh Water System Flush - Every 6 months; drain fresh tank, drain and flush water heater, check anode rod, flush fresh water lines, and add fresh water tank sanitizer.

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Battery Service - Every 6 months; inspect house and chassis batteries, clean terminals and post, apply anti-corrosive spray, and test charge system and battery.

LP Appliance System Services - Every 12 months; clean and inspect LP flames and adjust as necessary.

Aqua-Hot System Service - Every 12 months; inspect aqua-hot system, replace fuel filter, burner nozzle, top off fluid for boiler, check electrode alignment, clean burner chamber, check fluid lines, and fuel lines (Raycore Filter additional).

Roof A/C Systems Service - Every 12 months; inspect A/C unit, clean A/C coils, clean drains, record temperature split, perform amp draw test, and clean intake filter.

Slide Out Maintenance - Every 6 months; test operation, inspect and lube rails and seals.

LP Leak Check - 1 year; test coach for LP leaks and proper pressure in system.

Roof Inspection - Every year; visual roof inspection which includes, check of sealants on roof structure, and water proofing of components.

Leveling System Maintenance - Clean hydraulic cylinders, inspect, and lube seals.




  • LP Drop test

  • Service all gas appliance and components

  • Top all fluids and battery cell levels

  • Inspect engine, belts and hoses

  • Test A/C systems performance check

  • Inspect exterior lighting

  • Check generator performance

  • Check house / chassis charging systems

  • Lube entrance lock and step







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